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Phyllis J Kirkpatrick Scholarship

Congratulations to Sapphire Maguigad!

 Phyllis J Kirkpatrick 2021/2022 Scholarship Winner!

About the Scholarship:

​The Phyllis J. Kirkpatrick Scholarship was established in honor of Phyllis Kirkpatrick, who passed away August 23, 2002. Phyllis was a woman full of spirit, generosity, and a true love for the game of soccer. Her involvement in the sport as a coach, player, fan, and friend was an inspiration to many.

​Phyllis J. Kirkpatrick Scholarship is awarded to a senior Eastlake High School student-athlete based on her soccer participation, academics, history of community service, honors and awards, references, and scholarship essay.


Applications for the 2022/2023 season may be downloaded directly from the website, using the following link, "scholarship application", at the top of the page .  All forms are due March 25, 2023. Email completed application to

Scholarship will be awarded in May 2023

The Eastlake High School Girls Soccer Program will be awarding this $1000 scholarship to a senior who will be graduating in the spring of 2023 (per adequate EHS Girls Soccer Booster funding). The scholarship has been changed back to the originally name after being replaced with the Pride of the Pack. 


Graduating seniors who have actively participated in the Eastlake High School Girls Soccer Program as a player/manager/trainer for at least two seasons in the last four years and one of those seasons is during their senior year, and who have met college entrance requirements.

Applicants must have an academic GPA of 3.0 or higher and be in good standing at the time of the award.

Criteria for Consideration

1.    Demonstrated a strong history of soccer involvement.

2.    Academic standing. 

3.    Teacher evaluations.

4.    Extracurricular activities. 

5.    Participation in Community Service/Volunteer Programs.

6.    Essay: Submit a typewritten narrative of no more than 1,000 words describing what soccer has taught you and how soccer has influenced your character, discipline, leadership, teamwork, and/or self-esteem & confidence.



Previous Scholarship Recipients 

2022 - Sapphire Maguigad
2021 - Julia Holec
2020 - Audrey Craig
2019 - Olivia Harris
2018 - Sam Wile
2017 - Hannah Kleppe  
2016 - Erica Jung  
2015 - Melissa Radecke 
2014 - Allie Garrett 
2013 - Allie Kleppe 
2012 - Julie Bennett 
2011 - Jami Marzano 
2010 - Kellie Shreve 
2009 - Kristin Dorr 
2008 - Molly Hill 
2007 - Kati Sawchuk 
2006 - Caitlin Differding 
2005 - Lynde Moffat 
2004 - Molly Nelson 
2003 - Samantha Hufford